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Automated CLI for Static web application hosting on AWS

This automated script simplifies setting up an AWS site. Add S3 buckets, register DNS, and create an SSL certificate in minutes with no DevOps knowledge.

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Ionic bindings for Vue applications

Use the beautiful Ionic UI library with Vue applications. This adapter bridges Ionic internals to Vue and Vue Router, allowing seamless integration of the two frameworks.

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React Idle

Render React Components When the Browser is Idle

Boost performance of busy React applications by improving above the fold component rendering priority. React-idle decreases work on the execution thread by postponing component rendering until the browser is idle.

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Production-ready React reference app

This enterprise-grade React application is optimized for development and production environments. The Budgeting application showcases architecture for delivering incredibly fast production apps while maintaining a great development experience.

Front end performance
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Safeguard Your Online Accounts

Protect your online identity by making sure your accounts and passwords are secure. Built on Vue.JS and Ionic Framework, Beep runs a security check in just one minute and keeps your passwords safe with an obfuscated hashing algorithm.

Front EndReference app
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Evade 2

Artificial intelligence, vector graphics, music and a ā€œ2.5Dā€ engine ā€” all in 32k of FLASH memory.

We built a custom Arduboy game to include all the best features of modern day first person shooters. With no fancy front-end frameworks and just an 8-bit processor, we went back to basics.

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Ion Meetups

How To Upgrade an Ionic 3 Application to Ionic 4

Upgrading from Ionic Framework 3 to 4? This step-by-step tutorial has all the tools for updating your hybrid mobile app.

Ionic 3Ionic 4
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