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Our global, world-class engineering teams build the open source projects you see on this site. All part of our mantra of being active, visible, and relevant in the communities that help sustain our business.



Safeguard your online accounts

Protect your online identity by making sure your accounts and passwords are secure. Built on VUE.JS and Ionic Framework, Beep runs a security check in just one minute and keeps your passwords safe with an obfuscated hashing algorithm.



Web App Performance Auditing

Auditing web application performance in a simple and automated way.Gimbal can help maintain performance budgets from your CLI or a CI system and comment results on a GitHub pull request.



Ionic bindings for Vue applications

Use the beautiful Ionic UI library with Vue applications. This adapter bridges Ionic internals to Vue and Vue Router, allowing seamless integration of the two frameworks.



Automated CLI for Static web application hosting on AWS

This automated script simplifies setting up an AWS site. Add S3 buckets, register DNS, and create an SSL certificate in minutes with no DevOps knowledge.



IoT automation framework experimentation for developers

RoboDomo is an experiment that creates a universal interface for communicating with the fragmented market of IoT vendors. Using the simplicity of...

Modite Directory

Modite Directory

A productivity PWA built with React, Ionic 4 and CloudFlare Workers

Bringing teams at Modus together with the help of data coming from Slack, Harvest, Google Suite, and other services. This internal Progressive Web App uses React with Ionic web components on the fronte end. Business logic aggregates data from...

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Ishihara app by Modus Labs


We made a mobile app in 6 weeks

A Modus Labs team came together to quickly build a healthcare proof of concept app in just six weeks. Ishihara is named because it quickly serves Ishihara plates that test for color blindness and is built with our partner...

Constellation 2


Auto-scaling applications via AWS EKS, driven by CI

This project uses AWS and Kubernetes via AWS EKS to demonstrate autoscaling, using infrastructure managed by Terraform and automated via Jenkins CI.

Lambada redirector

Lambda redirector

Redirect an entire website using AWS Lambda

Redirect an entire website using AWS Lambda and API Gateway, packaged with CloudFormation service and deployed with Serverless Application Model (SAM)


Ion meetups

Let us show you how to upgrade your Ionic 3 app version 4

This step-by-step tutorial has all the steps and tools to guide you through upgrading your Ionic 3 hybrid mobile app to Ionic 4, perfect to evolve your app and always be up-to-date.

Evade 2

Evade 2

A "2.5D" space flight simulator featuring a custom game engine

We built a custom Arduboy game to include all the best features of modern space shooter simulators. To push this 16-bit processor to its limits, we went back to basics (Assembly, C and C++)!

Creative engine

Creative engine

Our retro-style cross platform game engine

Creative Engine (CE) is a game engine that was born from the development of Genus. While the primary development target is the ODROID GO (a portable gaming platform), we made...

React idle

React idle

Render React Components When the Browser is Idle

Boost performance of busy React applications by improving above the fold component rendering priority. React-idle decreases work on the execution thread by postponing component...

Slow 2


Slow down Linux net interfaces to simulate slower net connections

This bash script offers quick shortcuts to simulate slower network connections. It is useful when you need to simulate a wireless network on a Linux network server, especially when you...



Production-ready React reference application

This enterprise-grade React application is optimized for development and production environments. The Budgeting application showcases architecture for delivering incredibly...

Cucumber Watir

Cucumber Watir

Battle-tested functional automation framework melding Cucumber and Watir

This is a test harness for automated functional testing of web applications, using the Cucumber and Watir Webdriver test frameworks. It can be used to support Behavioral Driven Design (BDD) or just automated functional testing of arbitrary....



A custom fun and relaxing puzzle cross-platform game developed for the 2018 holiday season

Genus is a puzzle game where the objective is to increase your score by matching colors in 2x2 patterns. We really hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed making it!

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