Evade 2

A "2.5D" space flight simulator featuring a custom game engine and four channel synthesizer for music and sound effects — all in 32KB of flash memory!

We built a custom Arduboy game to include all the best features of modern space shooter simulators. To push this 16-bit processor to its limits, we went back to basics (Assembly, C and C++)!
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Creative Engine

Our retro-style cross platform game engine.

Creative Engine (CE) is a game engine that was born from the development of Genus. While the primary development target is the ODROID GO (a portable gaming platform), we made CE portable. Being programmed primarily in C++, CE also runs on macOS and desktop Linux systems. We furthered the boundaries of CE's capabilities by adding an (exprimental) network-based RGB LED Matrix display driver, giving us the ability to create completely custom game play experiences.
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A custom fun and relaxing puzzle cross-platform game developed for the 2018 holiday season.

Genus is a puzzle game where the objective is to increase your score by matching colors in 2x2 patterns. We really hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed making it!
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