November 12, 2015


Cucumber Watir

Automated Functional Test Harness

This is a test harness for automated functional testing of web applications, using the Cucumber and Watir Webdriver test frameworks. It can be used to support Behavioral Driven Design (BDD) or just automated functional testing of arbitrary web applications.

By using this collection of frameworks, you can quickly start a suite of functional tests for an application using a basic vocabulary inspired by tests that have been used successfully on many production projects.

The built in steps in features/step-definitions/common_steps.rb cover a variety of common use cases that occur in the functional testing of web applications, including common operations such as visiting pages, filling in form fields, finding text in a page, and checking that operations complete successfully.

This approach might not be as pure as some would advocate for BDD, but it strikes a good balance between being implementation specific and being fast to write and execute.


Cucumber-watir is MIT licensed.