Project Overview

A Modus Labs team came together to quickly build a healthcare proof of concept app in just six weeks. Ishihara is named because it quickly serves Ishihara plates that test for color blindness and is built with our partner technologies: Ionic, AWS, Jira, and GitHub.


AWS, GitHub, Ionic, Jira


Ishihara app

From product strategy and CX to end-to-end development

Healthcare is one of the most exciting industries for digital transformation. So, when our experts at Modus Labs were looking for their next challenge, they decided to create a healthcare proof of concept app that provides self-diagnosis. The project would allow our bench team to hone their skills in an industry that’s rapidly embracing digital initiatives and working towards better patient outcomes.

Additionally, the team decided to do it all in just six weeks.

Backend development with AWS serverless

Thinking, planning, building, and releasing the app in just six weeks was an enormous challenge. While using Ionic and StencilJS would allow us to simplify front-end development across multiple platforms, one big problem still remained.

How do we generate the Ishihara Plates?

Ishihara Plates might seem simple on the surface, but their dots and colors aren’t randomly generated. There is a scientific process behind each display. And that requires a complex algorithm.

The algorithm needed a place to run, and the resulting images needed a place to reside. However, we simply didn’t have time to invest in an in-house hardware setup or complex AWS configuration.